Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday... Relax

Of all the days of the week, Sunday is my favorite :) When I was a child I frequently spent weekends over at my Nanas house. She a deep love for her God. I always felt loved and safe when we were with Nana & Bobo, they were my rock and guide. A favorite thing for me was hanging out in the kitchen when Nana was preparing meals, she made the yummiest simple meals. Often the meals she prepared came from thier backyard, cherries in the spring, strawberries in early summer and tomatoes all summer long. Although she never prepared Oatmeal Cookies that I recall, it was definately Nana who inspired my love of handmade. Today as we relax after church my mind goes back to those childhood moments. I am drawn to the kitchen thinking about her and today I am whipping up some Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies, the recipe is right off the Quaker Oats box and still remains a fovorite. Recipes

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