Sunday, September 19, 2010

Little Dresses and Events of Importance

Yesterday I had the pleasure of celebrating the big 5-0 birthday with friends, Todd and Carol. Since I hadn't been out to thier home before it seemed prudent to GPS the address. Reading the invitation (ok really reading it for the first time) I noticed a notation stating preference for no gifts and Carols favorite charity. What a really sweet idea! It was to late for actually participating in the way I  would have liked to in that moment  but it gave me an idea and I'd like to get it out there before the moment passes :)

The chairity is called "Little Dresses for Africa" and that is what they do...provide dresses for African children. As I read about it I realized what a wonderful way to encourage some talented crafty friends to enjoy a "Craft Tea", get to know one another and  do some good for the world all at the same time. It would also be a wonderful way to teach others the joy of crafting and help them get the "handmade" bug.

Currently Joannes Fabrics has a contest called Craft for a Cause going, details can be found at The Crafting contest begins August 15, 2010 & ends October 30, 2010. I'd like to tie entries to the event with an event to bring our wonderful crafty women together, everyone loves a party right? Wouldn't it be fun to host a "Craft Tea" that focuses on preparing "Little Dresses For Africa"? So-ooo Little Dresses and Carol & Todd's events of importance...the big 50 may lead to another  Event of Importance, I'll keep you posted ;)

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