Monday, October 3, 2011

Gifts From The Earth

ReuseIn my early twenties as I was raising a family, learning the ins and outs of providing for my family and stretching our paycheck I often relied on these principles...

Fix it up,  reuse it, make it from scratch and sometimes just do without. When it came to taking care of the health needs of our family I had a wonderful mentor, my mother-in-law Alice. She was a wise, creative woman who loved quality, enjoyed a simple Godly lifestyle and often made things herself. She taught me how to care for my family using her knowledge of herbs, massage and reflexology so even though we had no health insurance my family was healthy and cared for.  Just like my great aunt Nana, she was practical, believed in using the many gifts from the earth God gave us to take care of ourselves.

With today's amazing array of products you would think it would be simple to find personal care items that are healthy, safe and effective. Shopping and reviewing products with labels listing long ingredient lists of names we can't even pronounce can be daunting. It is common to buy a product we see advertised as the next great thing and try it out, often judging its effectiveness without taking in to account what else it might be doing. Have you ever given thought to how a product penetrates? I discovered that our skins natural proteins were being broken down to allow certain products to penetrate. If the body's natural defense barrier has been compromised the body becomes susceptible to infection etc. Learning about ingredients in personal care products that were harmful to us as well as environmentally unfriendly set me on a mission to find alternatives that would be healthy, effective, and improve my family's health not destroy it.

My personal quest over the years started in my kitchen as I tried my hand at making my own handmade bath soaks, hair rinses, facial treatments. Since I do not always have the time to create from scratch and frankly I do not always want to take the time, I was searching for a personal care line I would be confidant to use on my babies and grandbabies too. My criterion: free of known toxins, environmentally friendly, choice botanical ingredients, safe on a variety of skin types and would it be too much to hope that these products would, nourish with clean and safe formulas?


  1. I really like the idea of making things. It's a good way at ensuring you know all the ingredients that go into something :)

    xshootingstarsx - swap-bot.

  2. Aailyah thanks for your comments and for stopping by, wishing you healthy happy living :)